The Cabinet of Ministers on 23rd April, 2015 approved the proposal to prepare the Western Region Megapolis Plan (WRMPP).

Objective is to serve as the main guiding plan of all future developments that will help transform the Western Region to highest international standard through series of large scale projects.

Western Region Megapolis Planning Project will provide a blueprint for the entire western region. It has been appointed 4 (four) different committees of experts working on all aspect of regional development as follows.

  • Environment, Water Resources, Land and other Natural Resources both in Land and Marine Systems
  • Socio Economics related Service Sectors (Logistics and Transport, Commercial and Business Development, Tourism, Security and Defense, etc.)
  • Infrastructure Needs (Housing, Roads, Industry, Power and Telecommunication, Municipal, Water Supply, Port and Shipping, Aviation)
  • Policy, Institutional and Legal frame work(Regulatory Bodies and Legislative Provisions, Acquisition and Compensation, Role of Private Sector, Public Sector, new procurement and PPP Models)
Coordination Information

Mr. Lakshman Jayasekara
Project Director / Team Leader

Telephone : +94 112 186 091 (Ext) - 202
Fax : +94 112 186 393
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