The UDA was established by an Act of parliament bearing No 41 of 1978 with a view to promote integrated Planning and implementation of Economic social and physical development of the areas declared by the Minister in-charge of the subject of Urban development. Accordingly UDA has been empowered to function as the key urban planning and implementing agency of the country.

The powers and functions that spelled out in UDA act, are summarized as:

  • Undertake the preparation of development plans for the declared areas and to undertake capital investments plans.
  • Execute development projects and schemes approved by the government.
  • Formulate and implement urban land use policy.
  • Enter into with contract with any person for the execution of development projects.
  • Undertake and complete any development project in default by any person failing to complete.
  • Formulate capital improvement programs, formulate and implement and urban land use policy.
  • Develop environmental standard and prepare environmental improvement works.
  • Carryout building engineering and other operations and undertake any work related to infrastructure developments.
  • Acquire and hold any movable or immovable properties or dispose of any movable property or immovable properties.
  • Formulate and execute housing schemes, clearing of slum and shanty areas and to undertake development of such areas.
  • Workout development projects or planning schemes as and when other government agencies required to do so and to supervise or coordinate such work.
  • Approve or coordinate and control development projects or schemes of any government agency.
  • Provide technical planning services for the benefit of other government agencies.
  • Undertake consultancy services on behalf any government agency and to regulate activities of such projects or schemes.
  • Charge rent or fees for any building or for any services provided.
  • Accept grants donations or subsidies for the work undertaken.
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