"Sustainable urban life, ensuring economic and spiritual wellbeing of the people and gracious living in harmony with nature".


"To accomplish economic prosperity and enhance quality of life of the citizens of Sri Lanka through creating well designed, green, clean and smart, urban settlements in strategic locations of the country with the engagement of best design, engineering and town planning skills, state-of-art technology and world best practices".


The prime objective of the Ministry is to bring systematic changes and development processes into the urban community in Sri Lanka which will ensure that the inhabitants of urban areas become a part of socio economic development of the country while maintaining high levels in quality of life.This will pave the way for making Sri Lanka a commercial,naval and aviation hub of Asia.

In this context the ministry envisages transforming the entire Western Province into a Megapolis are to usher in comprehensive development within the next five years. The scope of work under Ministry's purview would primarily include macro level planning of the western megapolis region based on bio-geo-physical and socio-economic aspects.

Western region megapolis Development will be the epicenter towards a long standing, firmly established and sustainable future urban process of Sri Lanka.Further to design smart urban settlements in strategic locations of the country it will also seek to discover solutions to resolve distinctive issues related to urbanization such as garbage, Slums, energy, traffic, environment and livehoods.

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