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A. Formation of recreational beach area from Colpetty to Dehiwala.

i. Tasks to be implemented by GOSL (Acquisitions, relocations, clearing, landscaping, developing the land belonging to Sri Lanka Railways )

  • To prepare a detailed plan to relocate and accommodate approximately 50 families, 20 fishing families, 03 restaurants & 03 government institutions who occupy the coastal stretch along the proposed recreational beach area from Colpetty to Dehiwala and to be finally decided by the Urban Development Authority (UDA)/Sri Lanka Railways (SLR).
  • Relocation and Resettlement of approximately 50 families, 20 fishermen families, 03 restaurants & 03 government institutions who occupy the coastal stretch along the proposed recreational beach area and to be finally decided by the UDA/SLR.
  • To provide compensation/life up gradation for 20 fishing families and to be finally decided by the UDA/SLR.
  • All 14 drainage outlets currently exposed to the beach area between Colpetty to Dehiwala to be connected & stretched outwards as appropriate and to be finally decided by the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC).
  • Clear and develop existing land stretch belongs to SLR from Colpetty to Dehiwala and to be finally decided by the UDA/SLR.
  • Construction of car park, wash room complex each near Colpetty ,Bambalapitiya & Wellawatta railway stations
  • Construction of 03 overhead bridges (for pedestrian) at Colpetty, Bambalapitiya&Wellawatta for the public to access the beach from Marine Drive.

ii. Tasks expected to be implemented by the Investor (Development of Recreation Beach Area and Components/Activities within the Beach Area)

  • Construction of beach area from Colpetty to Dehiwala, as public recreational space and for tourism related activities with necessary landscaping with a Sri Lankan Identity and to construct public parking spaces/conveniences and ensure utility management and to be developed by the potential investor, subject to respective project approvals by Coastal Conservation Department (CCD) and CEA.
  • Provision for component/activities development related to recreation and leisure activities of maximum 20 ha within or in addition to the proposed beach development for commercial benefit of the investor.
  • Construction of a suitable boundary wall (minimum six feet high, to safeguard safety of the public and the tourists visiting the recreational area and to isolate disturbances coming from the rail movements) along the perimeter to separate third/fourth rail track from beach area.
  • Create a space for the development of existing transportation along the western coastline. (Present road and railway lines will not be sufficient in near future. Hence it is necessary to create an adequate space to develop third and fourth railway tracks to fulfil the demand of current/future train commuters)
  • Landscaping the existing land /beach stretch along with the perched beach [inclusive root bowling of trees, street lighting, water supply, drainage/sewage system and to be finally decided by the UDA Amusement park establishment.
  • World class Aquarium establishment
  • Turtle park establishment.
  • Building of a walking path
  • Establishment of 02 extra life guard stations [Coast Guard] along with tourist police posts at Bambalapitiya & Colpetty.
  • Establishment of two Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants at Bambalapitiya & Wellawatta to provide public with free drinking water.
  • Construction of beach boutiques along the walking path [inclusive concrete chairs & garbage collection system / bins etc.]
  • Building of a pier incorporating the ship model.
  • Small boat service between Wellawatta to Colpetty and Wellawatta and Nawala could be commenced with the participation of fisherman in area.
  • Extended pier to be created near Colpetty towards sea (to facilitate safe small boat anchorage and launching of boat service for the intended wreck diving sites).
  • Operate ferry service between Colombo-Dehiwala vice versa.
  • Recreational activities (safe bathing area, water related sports)
  • Children area
  • Amusement park/ leisure park
  • Solid waste / waste/storm water disposal and management
  • Public open space, public access roads and rented car parks
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Establishment of Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) centers, telephone booths, Informative display boards, public announcement centers etc.
  • Development of a Logistic Center at Bloemendhal Area will have the way to clear the four (4) warehouses with conventional cargo at Bandaranayke Quay (BQ) for its intended development into a fully-fledged “Passenger Ship Terminal” and the “Yacht Marina” in the adjoining area.
  • This development will regularize and speed up the logistic handling process to a considerable extent by negating the necessity of logistic corridor development (logistic facilities/centers) outside the port premises in the near future. Further efficiency of cargo handling in Colombo port will increase and thereby ensuring high/uninterrupted national income.  This development will reduce the cost of cargo handling and boost up the import/export industry through fast track operations. National income will also be enhanced through conducting port operations more efficiently due above.
  • It is very important to implement the relocation plan of the people living in shanties, slums and low living conditions in the proximity of Bloemendhal garbage dump area, to facilitate a Logistic Center in the proximity of port access road as per the master plan prepared by Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development.
  • Further the above relocation plan once implemented, will pave the way for the community currently in dangerous living spaces to be converted to a safer, environmental friendly, improved/upgraded level of living. Health hazardous environment will also be mitigated to greater extent, thereby saving colossal money to the government of Sri Lanka.
  • Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development Planning Team along with the Maritime Cities Development Project conducted a detail study on the development of a logistic corridor to support port related activities and as a specific task, the team along with the Sri Lanka Ports Authority, Sri Lanka Customs and Sri Lanka Railways has produced a Conceptual Plan for the Logistic Center, customs scanning facility, space for additional railway track creation at Bloemendhal Area, giving due consideration to the current and future requirements, logistic demand and supply. The report suggested that it is highly appropriate to develop Bloemendhal garbage dump Area as an urban recreation park for pubic recreational purposes along with the development of Logistic Center, customs scanning facility, space for additional railway track creation at Bloemendhal area, considering the necessity and long felt need to have open public place/recreation facilities in the proximity of Bloemendhal general area.
  • The proposals in the Conceptual Plan are framed to enhance the logistic handling capacity, to reduce time delays in custom scanning process, enhance port operations, facilitate development of passenger ship terminal and Yacht Marina, to mitigate city traffic to a greater extent and improve the recreational standards of the public as per the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development Master Plan.

C. Establishment of a Yacht Marina at Dickowita Harbor (South)– Conceptual plan is currently in the construction stage. Detail are as follows;

• The Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) is interested in creating a yacht marina located in the Western coastal belt, North of Colombo. The yacht marina is expected to fulfil the needs of locals/tourists who travels across the globe through sea with the help of yachts for their leisure activities.

• The yacht marina facilities in and around Sri Lanka will not be sufficient to fulfil the current and future demands of the yachters. The City of Colombo is experiencing a major transformation as a business, tourism and entertainment destination for both local residents and international visitors, the city recognizes the need for a fully-pledged yacht marina in the close proximity of Colombo, in order to draw larger local and foreign yachters attractions to the Colombo area and to make Colombo more competitive in tourist industry.

• Therefore, the necessity of establishing a yacht marina along the Western coastal belt (in southern part of Dickowita harbour) is the hour of need. The proposed yacht marina will offer more tourist attraction/aesthetic value to the Colombo city; it will create large/ diverse opportunity for the yachters across the globe, enhance tourist attraction, and create new investment/job opportunities for locals / foreigners. By implementing/ executing this yacht marina project it is expected to generate a reckonable foreign exchange income to Sri Lanka as a whole, also could utilize the currently underutilized infrastructure facilities in southern part of Dickowita fishery harbour in a more meaningful purpose, by providing adequate spaces/supporting facilities for yacht marina users.

• Yacht Marina is a small port or a portion of a port area, often consist with a dock or basin with moorings and supplies for yachts and small boats. It is used by the yacht sea farers to secure their boats while exploring the ocean mainly for pleasure activities. The proposed yacht marina will have following facilities;

  • facilities for refueling, washing and repair
  • marine and boat chandlers
  • stores with spare parts
  • parking lots for vehicles
  • availability of boat trailers on rent
  • parking space for boat trailers
  • boat hoist(a traveling crane)
  • bars, restaurants pubs, and clubhouses
  • hotels or star class accommodation
  • Slipways (or boat ramps) to transfer a trailered boat into the water vice versa.
  • Yacht berthing/storage (in- or out-of-water)

• Another objective of creating a yacht marina in southern part of Dickowita harbour is to provide an energy boost and economical upliftment for the public living in the proximity of Dickowita. Present infrastructure could be effectively used along with additional yacht marina facilities proposed in stages to cater the future demand of the yacht users. Hence, it is necessary to create a yacht marina along with supporting infrastructure to fulfil the demand of current/future yacht marina users. Further, a world class accommodation/fully pledged repair facilities are proposed to be built within or close to the Dickowita harbour to address and facilitate the burning issues of current yacht users.

• The proposed area currently not properly utilized as a yacht marina except the arrival of few yachts time to time. Presently, three finger piers are available within the south part of Dickowita harbor. Approximately 18 yachts could be berthed in these three finger piers. With the development of the Colombo International financial city, it is expected to have a boom in tourist arrivals, specially an increment in yacht arrivals to Colombo. Further main yacht marina requirements such as piers, bunkering places, availability of fresh water, electricity, and sewage treatment/disposal plant is already in place at Dickowita harbor. Hence, it is highly appropriate to develop south part of Dickowita harbour with a minimal investment to provide the balance requirements in phases as per the demand, considering the necessity and long felt need to have a yacht marina for the yacht users in and around Colombo.

  • This opportunity of development requires “out of the box” thinking and a creative development approach for a world class recreational, civic amenity, repair/maintenance facilities (inclusive availability of spare parts), stacking area for yachts, availability of sufficient carriages for yachts, suitable crane to lift and move the yachts from sea water to the repair facility, logistic needs of the yachters, etc., utility infrastructure, and leisure uses located and designed to foster cross functionality. Environmentally sustainable development methods and construction practices should be used for protecting the Sri Lankan identity.
  • This plan is aiming to attract interested/potential investors (National/ International firms) to invest on proposed yacht marina development in southern part of Dickowita fishery harbour, design, build and fully develop the sea and land area in an extent of approximately 05 hectares (ha) of sea area and approximately 03 hectares (ha) of land area with the following minimum facilities by year 2020. Proposed yacht marina is expected to be developed to meet the current and future demands and expectations of the world yacht community.
  • Construction of a multi storied buildings consisting of following infrastructure facilities ( boat hoisting area, accommodation area, wash rooms, laundry room, super market, star class bar and restaurant , tourist information center, World class Gym, Money Exchange Center, Establishment of Automatic Teller Machines (ATM), batik shop, gem and Jewelry shop, internet hub, telecommunication facility, spare part store, Operations room etc.)
    • Shore side facilities- for mooring and servicing recreational boats, and including water-based as well as land-based facilities for boats and boat-users.
    • Water-based marina facilities- include moorings and berths for boats, as well as jetties and pontoons.
    • marina facilities include the dry or rack storage of vessels, ship chandler sales, areas set aside for ship repair and maintenance, sail lofts, slipways and hoists (which are both land and water-based), as well as areas for food and boating sales. Small boat harbor or boat bases providing dockage, supplies, and services for small pleasure craft.
    • Recreational activities (safe bathing area, water related sports)
    • Attractive landscaping
    • Solid waste / waste/storm water disposal and management 
    • Public open space
    • Rented car parks
    • Sanitary facilities
    • Tourist police posts
    • Informative display boards
    • Public announcement centers etc.

In addition to above mentioned facilities of the yacht marina, investors should have the opportunity to develop an additional facilities of investor’s choice to generate sufficient return for their investment. These lands should be awarded on long term leasing basis to cover project investment. 

It is planned to build a Yacht Marina in the beautiful coastal belt south of the Dickowita fishery harbor which is located in the proximity of Pegasus a four star luxury hotel, Kelani river mouth and beach park Crow Island. 

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