1. Airport Business City, Katana
Airport Business City is the first international standard tourist-business Airport City in Sri Lanka, with 0.4 million population attraction with competitive infrastructure network for high quality life, international business facilities, conference halls and congresses centers, range of events, festivals and programs, socio-cultural and media parks, health and wellness facilities and commercial mix.
The Airport Business City will be the commercial and financial and business center for the KatunayakeAerotropolis. The new futuristic city is planned to develop in Katana-Negombo area.
Airport Business City contained with main development components of;

  • Commercial City Center Development - duty free shopping malls and, sales outlets with branded items, business hotels and offices business, administration & service centers.
  • Cultural Corridor – art, culture, entertainment, media city, tourist hotels and apartments.
  • Conferences and Congresses Center - business meetings, gatherings, various events, exhibitions, conferences, sporting and entertainment facilities, spa and ayurvedic treatment centers &health and wellness facilities.
  • Common Facilities – access roads, sanitary facilities and public parks etc.

2. Logistic & Business Park, Ekala
Logistics & Business Park (LBP) means a geographical area with its main function being a logistical platform providing appropriate logistics infrastructure and physical facilities (roads, rail tracks, and IT infrastructure) and substantial existing logistical services including warehouse facilities, storage facilities, value-added industries, wide range of related business, services, and social infrastructure components including housing, education, health and recreation facilities which to act as an integrated manner. For LBP phase 01 development has planned to initiate in Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) land &for phase 02 developmentsadjacent to SLBC land. LBP phase 2 targeted to develop residential facilities, wetland park including public recreational, commercials, and other ancillary facilities.

3. Brain Port
The Brainport, centered on Dagonna, plays an important role as one of the cornerstones of the Sri Lankan economy and as a top technology region is crucial to the country’s competitiveness abroad. Brainport’s strength lies in its combination of high-end technology, data management services coupled with new start-ups in the fields of aerospace and aviation, International Research & Development (R&D) institutes, data centers, photonics and new startups. The availability of international airport, existing physical infrastructure base and proposed Colombo – Trincomalee Economic Corridor are some of the potentials for selecting such a location for Brainportactivities. For the phase I of the Brainport initiativeDagonna area has been identified inDivulapitiya DS Division. There are number of international playersinterested in investing on the facilities mainly from Europe and East Asia. It is expected to expand the Brainport facility around Dagonna area which will be one of the key magnet for foreign experts and local professionals.

4. BIA Gateway Project, Katunayake
Airport Gateway project is based on 18th Mile Post, Katunayake with the intention of serving local and foreign tourists, general public and passengers moving to distance locations. Phase I of Gateway project includes public plaza, open markets, parking area, transport interchange and city hotel features. This development not only integrates existing bus and rail passengers, but also the airport passengers and their relations who are in transit or visiting Sri Lanka.The development expects to utilize the playground and lagoon front for leisure and recreational purposes too.


Name of the Project :Aerocity Development Project
Name : E.D.J Perera
Designation : Town Planner
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